How to have fun on facebook.

Facebook preferences are important

It's important to read your account settings following a change at Facebook

Facebook has this week changed everything. What again? I hear you cry. Yes indeed but for good reason:

You see, Facebook has bedded down with Bing. Why? Well managing ad servers is sucky and expensive and frankly their ad serving was decidedly iffy before. But moreover because Facebook was losing out to Google Plus because the latter did it all slicker.

Bing is a MS search engine which generally focuses of corporate based content (ie companies, paid for stuff etc), it’s a bit rubbish at blogs and people based content. Facebook is a people based content service which hosts adverts. If you can bring them together you can combine the personal web (which people actually want) and the commercial web (which we need but loathe).

So in order to compete they brought Bing’s search engine in to combine what people say and what they profess to do. However we are frankly, complete liars mostly. So it won’t work very well.

But it is fun to manipulate. Vis: I can put in keywords to make adverts show on my screen. Easy Peasy. But if I find a keyword string which pulls up adverts on my screen, plus shows a related interest of a friend, I can THEN click on the adverts, and Facebook thinks ‘woo hoo I got a match’ and shows the same ad on my friend’s screen who has the shared interest. You have to think laterally to have fun with this.  But it’s quite good fun to combine an innocuous term like ‘camping’ with something not so much ‘erectile dysfunction’ for example, if your ex-boyfriend was into canvas and you want him to be presented with Viagra ads every time he logs on.

Of course you don’t have to see them – you can just delete your status and they disappear from your ads. But strangely they remain on other people’s for quite some time unless they are very active Facebookers. And hopefully they will mention the ads in their status to reinforce the message (again you can encourage them to do this if they are particularly dense).

Naturally I do not recommend any shenanigans which will get you kicked off Facebook. Where would the fun be in that? And there are other parts of the beast, as yet, unpoked which are itching to be broken apart and played with. So go have fun!


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